Combining Style, Sports and Vision: Glasses That Work


Does Your Child Really Need Glasses?

When your child tells you he or she is having trouble seeing, your first instinct might be that the child needs glasses, or you might wonder if the child is just faking that he or she cannot see. Many kids pretend they cannot see well simply because they want glasses, so how do you know […]

3 Ways To Prevent Cataracts

Currently, cataracts, defined as clouding of the eye’s lens, are the leading cause of blindness in the United States. Serious and life altering, the only known cure for cataracts is surgery, which is also very expensive. To avoid having to have cataract surgery, as well as all the problems that accompany cataracts, it is important […]

Limit Cataract Risk With Dietary Changes

Cataracts are very common in older individuals, but you can limit your risk for this condition with the proper dietary changes. Cataracts cause cloudy patches in the eyes that make it difficult to see, and the only treatment is surgery, usually through a professional surgeon at facilities like Northwest Ophthalmology. Eating more foods rich in vitamin […]